Vancouver Beard Care Grooming Products

All Vancouver beard care products are vital to keeping your beard healthy and attractive. But beard oil is particularly critical to your routine for beard care grooming in Vancouver BC. It not only softens the beard, it also moisturizes it – and moisturizes the skin under your beard as well. The experts with Maneuver Men’s Grooming get a lot of questions on beard oil, as well as the other beard care products we carry. Here are the answers to just a few of the questions we receive on a regular basis.


Can You Use Beard Oil on Face Stubble?

Without a doubt. You could argue that Vancouver beard care products such as beard oil are even more important when you’re just starting to grow yours out. Or, if you want to stick with the stubble look, beard oil will also be a huge help in keeping your skin from itching. Oil makes beard care grooming in Vancouver BC a whole lot easier.


What’s the Best Beard Oil Out There?

At Maneuver Men’s Grooming, we’re obviously biased. But we believe our beard oil is the best by far. You’ve no doubt seen a lot of “best beard oils” articles online. Those are just products the author happens to like. They might be from companies that bought advertising on the site. Whatever the case, the “best” is obviously subjective. When you’re shopping around, however, stay away from products that makers claim are some sort of magic potion – because that doesn’t exist.


How Often Should You Use Beard Oil?

The answer really depends on how much beard care grooming in Vancouver BC you do, and how dry your skin is. If it’s really dry, then you might want to use beard oil as many as three times a day. If your face feels oily, scale back a little bit. Just experiment and see what’s right for you. In most cases, though, you should at least apply it after your morning shower.

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