San Antonio Derma Roller For Beards

If you’re not familiar with a San Antonio derma roller for beards, it’s a tool that can really go a long way toward making your beard full and strong. Maneuver Men’s Grooming offers the best derma roller for beards in San Antonio TX available. We want you to have the best beard you can possibly grow, and we have the tools and other products designed to help you do just that.


Derma Rollers and Blood Circulation

One of the most important things that a San Antonio derma roller for beards does is to help stimulate the flow of blood into the skin that sits below your beard. This skin, like the skin on your scalp, needs to be able obtain critically important nutrients. Those nutrients play a huge role in promoting improved hair growth. A derma roller for beards in San Antonio TX helps improve blood circulation, which, as a result, brings more nutrients into your skin – and beard.

There are actually a lot of vitamins and minerals that make up these nutrients, but some of the most important ones include iron, and zinc. Oxygen is another vital nutrient, and a derma roller will help increase oxygen as well. Iron is also important. In fact, if you don’t get enough, that might be one reason you’re experiencing patchiness in your beard, or you’re seeing thinning hair.


Derma Rollers and Collagen Growth

Another huge benefit of a derma roller for beards in San Antonio TX is that it helps promote the production of collagen. This is a substance that helps keep the skin strong, smooth and elastic. Since collagen helps strengthen skin, that means it also strengthens the areas of skin that support hair follicles. This, in turn, helps keep your beard hair from being damaged.


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