Raleigh Beard Care Products

Even though Maneuver Men’s Spa’s line of Raleigh beard care products is the best you can find, you still need to avoid some of the more common mistakes that some guys make. Beard care grooming in Raleigh NC, isn’t difficult, but it’s also easy to do some things that can either make your beard look strange, or keep it from reaching its maximum potential. These are just a couple of the ones that we would like to help you avoid.


Forgetting to Double-Lather

You might have used Raleigh beard care products in the past that left your beard feeling a bit dried out afterward. One of the reasons why is that you might not have completely cleaned out all of the residue on your beard when you took a shower. There’s a lot of stuff your beard can accumulate during the day – and even while you’re asleep. In order to get rid of it, you’re going to have to work a little bit.

That simply means you should double-lather your beard – not every morning, but at least two or three times a week. The first lather will get rid of the outermost layer of debris, such as excess oils and other stuff. The second lather will get deeper into your beard follicles. Once you’re done with all of that, then you can move on to your regular routine of beard care grooming in Raleigh NC.


Using Water That’s Too Hot

If you tend to crank up the heat more than the usual man when taking a shower, you might want to reconsider. Yes, hot water makes it easier to remove buildup, but it can also strip away many of the oils that are essential to keeping your beard nourished and strong. That can lead to not only dry skin, but also weak hair follicles. Wash your beard using lukewarm water, then rinse off with cold water. You’ll find that your beard care grooming in Raleigh NC will be easier and more effective.

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