Our Cinnamint Beard Oil, with same the quick absorption and long-lasting formula as our Essential Beard Oil, but with a twist. Our beard oil soothes, softens, and moisturizes your beard. Your beard will be free of the dreaded "beard itch" and dandruff. We've got you covered! Our beard oil provides skin benefits such as pore and inflammation reduction. With its long-lasting effects, we assure you that your beard is going to flourish.

What it's formulated to do: 

Provides the beard with the vitamins needed for healthy beard growth; Softens and strengthens beard hair; Moisturizes and protects the skin beneath the beard; Helps get rid of beard itch; Leaves your beard smelling like cinnamon and peppermint.


  • Prevents beard itch and dandruff

  • Soothes and softens hair

  • Helps moisturize skin and hair

  • Promotes healthy hair growth.

How To Use:

Apply to damp or dry beard. Pump 2-3 drops into your palm or directly to beard. Massage into beard and the skin underneath.

Shelf life: 24 Months