Charlotte Derma Roller For Beards

You might be considering using a Charlotte derma roller for beards in order to help stimulate growth. If you are, then you should turn to Maneuver Men’s Grooming. Not only do we have the best derma roller for beards in Charlotte NC, we also have a team of caring experts who will be here to answer any questions that you may have. Maneuver Men’s Grooming also has a line of other products designed to keep your beard looking strong for years to come, including oils, washes and many, many others.


What is a Derma Beard Roller?

If you’re not familiar with how a Charlotte derma roller for beards works, it will be really important for you to learn before you buy one. This tool is designed to make it easier for the hairs in your beard to reach their potential. It works through a process known as “microneedling.”

This basically means the derma roller for beards in Charlotte NC makes microscopic punctures in your facial skin. You might think that this would be painful, but it’s not. At most, you’ll feel a very slight sensation, kind of like a pin prick. Even though you won’t be hurt, your brain will think that you’ve suffered some sort of injury – and will then take action to begin the healing process.

After you use your derma roller for beards in Charlotte NC, this healing process will include the production of collagen. You might have heard of it – collagen is the substance that not only makes your skin flexible, but also strong. It will strengthen the part of your face that supports the hair follicles that make up your beard. The stronger this area is, the stronger your beard follicles will be.


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