Need help with growing your beard or moustache? Do you need great-smelling, rich, and nourishing products for your hair? Do you need skin products to help you look your best? This is a major part of who we are. We understand the tradition, we understand the community, we know what is out there. We offer beard combs, moustache combs, wave brushes, beard wash, beard oils, balms, manscaping, face wash, face moisturizers and colognes. We have all the things that men need to be men while contributing new staples and standards to the men’s grooming industry

We will be sharing our secrets on how to maneuver through the day. We will provide tips for the grooming, growing and maintaining of a beard and moustache; for hairstyles of all kinds; for skincare routines for all types of skin; and for coping mechanisms for our stress as men. Learning to Maneuver is to learn who you are, what you are and what you want to be known for. We want to show men how much they can grow and help others on the way--a true “bruvahood” --by helping to show men that there are no barriers, just standards. 


Our vision is to change the way men view self-care, grooming and mental health; to show men it is important to take care of their personal hygiene; and to emphasize the importance for men to talk about issues normally neglected or deemed taboo by society. We realize that the majority of barbershops and men's grooming products set a standard for how men should look; we want to set a standard of how men carry themselves, how men should give back to their communities, and how men should support each other, whether that be a hand to hold or an ear to listen. Our targets are the traits of toxic masculinity that have led men to believing there are limits as to what they can do, what they can talk about, and who they can be. It’s all in the name: a skillful and careful movement to achieve an end, but there is no end just progress. Every day--with our products, our stories, and our voice--we will Maneuver.  


We want to introduce our style, our look, our smell, and, most importantly, our voice to society's norms. We want to add to men’s grooming, not with just our products, but with our ideas, our passion, and our story. We are inspired by all of the creatives out there, and we love how far we have come as people and as men. We want to continue to push our limits forward; as things are constantly changing, people like us now have an opportunity to give our input regarding how the world views men’s health, men’s care and men’s grooming. We aim to inspire change and challenge stereotypes about men’s grooming and care, especially our perspective about what a true gentleman is, what it means to be a boy, and what it takes to grow into a man. Quality and luxury products provide a certain level of class and standards. By not only bringing but actively being these standards, we take on the responsibility to pay it forward, for men to open up and freely discuss topics like hygiene, self-care, and mental health.