How to Style your Moustache

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  1. Cut when dry

You want to dry the hairs before taking trimmers to your moustache hairs. If the hairs are wet, they will be harder to cut, and often times you will be left with uneven hairs when you are finished cutting the hairs of the moustache. Dry hair is easier to cut and with such a small surface area you will recognize an uneven moustache from a hundred miles way. So, do it right and trim those hairs when dry.


  1. Blow dry hair away from lip

When using a blow dryer to dry your moustache; make sure to blow dry away from your lip in the direction that your hair grows. Doing this will make it easier to part the hairs so you can begin to trim and style the moustache with ease. Blow dryer is a great tool to use when styling and trimming your moustache especially if the hairs are long.


  1. Best to mold it while warm-dry

Like we mentioned before, styling and trimming is very difficult when the hairs are wet. You want to apply product when the hair is dry and/or warm. Heat helps the hairs absorb the product you are using to mold your moustache. If you attempt to mold your hairs while wet, you won’t be able to control the hairs to achieve the look you want.


  1. Use oil to protect hair when drying

Too much heat can damage any hair type, be careful when using a blow dryer to dry the hairs and make sure you aren’t overdoing it. You also want to use oil after drying your moustache to make sure it is getting the nutrients the hairs need to grow strong and for you to look your best. We suggested using oil on your moustache in the morning, before bed and when really dry to keep your moustache healthy.


  1. Get a regular trim

Trimming your moustache is one of the best things you could do for it. Trimming of split ends, and just hairs that are too long for the style you are going for. Don’t be afraid to trim away those unwanted hairs; cutting hair promotes more hair growth. Go see your barber or on Maneuver’s YouTube channel for tips on how to trim your moustache from our pros.


  1. Consider having a “v” cut into your moustache

Your “cupid’s bow” is what we are talking about. Having a “V” shape cut under the moustache hairs grown in that area will help you keep your moustache hairs out your mouth and out your food. Not to mention it giving your moustache a cleaner look and making it easier for you to style the hairs above. Look up cupids bow and for tips on how to get it done currently you can head over to the Maneuver’s YouTube channel.


  1. Cut Hairs under moustache to a low length to avoid food/drinks getting caught.

Like we mentioned before you are going to want to cut the hairs under the moustache to leave a clear path for food and drinks. Nobody likes hair and food in their moustache, and nobody likes to eat moustache hairs. This simple trick will allow you to grow your moustache as long as you like without compromising enjoying food and drinks like everyone else. 

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