Here is Why Vitamin E For Beard Growth is The Best Solution For You

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Vitamin E has been used for thousands of years in traditional medicine. It's been used to treat everything from sunburns to heart disorders, yet it remains one of the most under-utilized antioxidants. Research shows that Vitamin E may play a role in the growth and health of facial hair, which is why we've decided to take a closer look at this essential nutrient.

Vitamins are essential for life; they play the role of proteins, which are deemed an important part of our body. They are the building blocks of growth, repair, and maintenance of the body as they play an overall health role in improving our immune system. 

So, here are 8 unique benefits of Vitamin E for Beard Growth and Razor Bumps.

8 Unique Benefits of Vitamin E For Beard Growth & Razor Bumps

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that can help you grow a beard and prevent razor bumps. Here are some benefits: 

  1. Vitamin E helps your skin protect itself from free radicals and other toxins that could damage it.  It also helps your skin cells regenerate faster and more efficiently, which can help you grow a fuller beard.
  2. Vitamin E helps repair damaged cells in the hair follicles, encouraging healthy beard growth and preventing razor bumps from forming on your face during shaving or waxing. Vitamin E also helps prevent ingrown hairs, a common cause of razor bumps. It prevents your skin from becoming too dry and soft during shaving or waxing. This allows the hair to emerge quickly without getting stuck inside the follicle. 
  3. Vitamin E also has anti-inflammatory properties. It can help reduce inflammation in the skin when shaving or waxing (which reduces razor bumps) and improve overall skin health by working with other antioxidants to prevent aging signs such as wrinkles and sun spots (which slow down beard growth). 
  4. Vitamin E may reduce the amount of oil the skin produces, which helps prevent acne-causing bacteria from living in pores. It’s also important to note that vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant, which means it works best when applied directly to your skin as opposed to being taken orally
  5. Vitamin E also helps protect your beard from environmental damage like windburn or sunburn, which can cause premature graying or brittleness in your beard hair over time! If you’re looking for a great vitamin E oil, I highly recommend (products consistent of Vitamin E oil by Maneuver Men's Grooming). It’s cheap and effective, and you can find it online!
  6. Prevention of Bald Spots: Vitamin E helps prevent bald spots by promoting the production of hair growth. It does this by strengthening your hair follicles, which leads to faster growth. The best way to use it is by applying Vitamin E directly onto your skin and massaging it for at least 2 minutes before washing off. This will help prevent bald spots from forming in the future!
  7. Protection against Heart Disease: Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that has been shown to protect against heart disease, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and reduce the risk of cancer. This is due to its ability to reduce inflammation, a significant cause of heart disease. 
  8. Help Manage Dysmenorrhea: Dysmenorrhea is the medical term for painful menstruation. Vitamin E can help manage dysmenorrhea by providing lubrication for menstrual flow and reducing the discomfort associated with cramps. 


Vitamin E is an essential fat-soluble nutrient. It’s a powerful antioxidant needed for your body's immune health and cellular signaling. Many foods contain vitamin E, but you can also consume it through dietary supplements. 

If you are experiencing Beard Itching or Razor Bumps, I suggest applying straight vitamin E to the area. The result is an almost instant soothing effect, and you may continue to use it every few hours with little to no pain, while Vitamin E works its magic.

To sum it up, Vitamin E is more than a powerful antioxidant as it is one of the essential vitamins we need to maintain our beard growth and health overall. 

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