A Quality Guide: How Grow The Beard You Always Wanted

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A 7-step quality guidance plan to help you achieve your beard potential.


Beards are a significant part of manliness and masculinity. One best part I love about having a beard is the freedom it gives you to choose your look, which could symbolize your identity. However, growing a beard for the first time could be daunting with no quality guide on how to do so.

So, have you thought about growing a beard? This guide will assist with everything you need to know about growing a beard for the first time and the essential things that can help you grow a full beard as quickly as possible.

Let's go!

  • Make the commitment (set realistic goals for yourself).
  • The first step to growing a beard is making the commitment. You can't grow a beard overnight. If you want to grow a beard, you must commit to doing so. You should set realistic goals for yourself and work towards them daily.

    If you're starting out, it's best to focus on growth, not length. Start small. Don't expect to grow a full beard in a month or two. You won't be able to do that! With that said, don't be afraid to grow a beard that looks great. Once you've got a good idea of your beard style (something to talk about later), it's easier to visualize how much longer you want it to be.

  • Build the foundations of your beard with proper beard hygiene.
  • The next important step to growing a beard is to build the foundations of your beard with proper beard hygiene. A beard needs to be adequately washed, combed, moisturized, and oiled correctly and frequently to keep your skin soft as well as leaving your face feeling clean and fresh.

    On the flip side, not building or having a good beard hygiene foundation opens you up to irritation, ingrown hair, and itchy skin. Building this essential habit is very vital to growing a healthy beard.

  • Picking the right beard length for your face shape.
  • Every beard style has its look and feel, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to growing facial hair. Some men choose to go super short, while others prefer longer styles. There are also plenty of variations in between. So, the best way to find out what works for you is by experimenting with different lengths - from stubble to a full beard. Keep in mind that the key is knowing what looks best on your face and how much time you want to invest in growing one.

  • Use beard nourishing products to maximize growth and health.
  • Growing a healthy and robust beard would require using beard nourishing products. These products are designed to nourish the hair follicles on your face so they can grow to their full potential. They contain vitamins, minerals, and other natural nutrients that help keep the hair follicles healthy and strong.

    There are many different kinds of beard nourishing products on the market today, including beard oil, shampoo, conditioner, conditioner spray, and facial cleansers specifically for beards. Invest in a good brand.

  • Let your beard grow (Give it time)
  • As I've mentioned, there's no such thing as growing a beard overnight. You need to give it time and be patient. To give a standard for growing facial hair, the best way to start is by letting your facial hair grow for at least six months. This allows the follicles in your beard to fully develop and become active before really styling to trim. After six months, you can begin the trimming process of your beard to maintain the shape of your face.

    • Every night, Brush your beard.

    This is a habit that has a significant effect on the growth of your beard. Brushing your beard helps stimulate the hair follicles to grow thicker and fuller. Employ the use of a soft bristle brush that's easy to maneuver around your chin. This helps keep your beard well-groomed and healthy.

  • Personalize your beard (Shape & Styling).
  • Personalizing your beard is one of the best ways to make it look as unique and individual as you. It reflects your personality. There's no right or wrong way, but there are some basic things that we recommend you do to make sure your beard looks it’s best.

    Shaping: A well-groomed beard will require very little maintenance and can be shaped in many different ways for different looks. Shaping of your beard can be done with a comb or brush. This will help prevent split ends and keep the shape in place.

    Styling: The most important part of personalizing your style is choosing which products to use on your beard. Try applying styling products like beard butters or beard softeners to keep things smooth, and to give your beard a clean, polished look. To help with styling, you may want to consider investing in a good comb or brush that will help you get all the tangles out of your beard before applying any products.


    A lot of factors go into growing a beard, and it won't happen overnight. Ultimately, the decision to grow a beard is 100% yours, and it would require patience to actualize that beard of your dreams. Give keen attention and proper care when growing your beard. Along the way, you might have to enjoy some beard itch before reaching your desired length, but stay patient and committed to reaching your goal. Think of it as a short time investment that will pay off later on. 

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